Jamiella Dance Studio

Class Days




We have a range of classes to suit all ages from 3 years and up


Our Exam classes are held on Saturdays through the day

Our Show classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays  Evenings

and our festival classes are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday Evenings



There is an exception to the classes below only


The very first classes on a Saturday morning at 9.45am and a Tuesday 4pm are for our Primary Students

They are taught the first stage steps of Ballet and Tap 

So can learn these steps for Exams Shows and Festivals as well





We will no longer be accepting weekly payments.


Your dance fees must be paid monthly on the first Saturday of every month from Saturday 1st August.

You must put your child/children’s dance fee monies in and envelope with their name/names and the classes you are paying for and the total amount.

We have also now set PayPal for you to pay fees to make it easier.


On PayPal there is an option before you send any money to add a message, in this box could you also put your child/children’s names the classes you are paying for and the total amount


Thank you